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Ask me anything   This place is for all the things I like because my macbook doesnt have enough space.

My name is Sky and I live in London. I am an illustrator who also makes books.

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The amazingly talented Elsita produces more amazing work. This time using the medium of small book art.

This miniature artist’s book is about the journey that life is. The first element inside the book is a colorful pop-up bird that raises up when you open the first page. This bird represents freedom and our ability to reach goals.

Following the bird, inside the accordion pages, there is also a snake going through a landscape with four trees. Each tree represents one of the four seasons of life (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring). The snake symbolizes the struggles that many of of us face while going through the different stages of life (or seasons).  

With this book I want to celebrate the amazing journey that life is. Both sides of life, the dark side and the bright one, are important because they make us wiser and stronger. 

Every element was carefully made by hand paying lots of attention to detail. It took several hours to complete the 4 editions of this book. Each piece looks just like the book in the pictures.


So pretty!

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An artist book, titled ‘Our Need/Our Essence’, with an edition of 20 books. Accordion style book, completely hand printed and hand built. The concept is that humans throughout history have had this need to build, create and collect, and this is especially true with architectural elements. All of the illustrations are linocuts.

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Degree 90: Coptic-Bound Book

"Each page of this hand-bound book has a square cut out of the center, rotated 1 degree from the previous page. The holes form a twisting tunnel through the book, with the front and back covers at right angles. The binding lets it bend and twist into various sculptural forms.

Laser-cut Bristol paper pages. Coptic bound with 1/8 inch laser-cut Baltic Birch plywood covers and waxed linen thread.”


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"This book developed while I was collecting comic panels from various magazines and newspapers. I altered the panels to remove all of the imagery, leaving just the shape of the panel and any speech bubbles that were present. I then created a dialogue using these new panels.

This book was printed letterpress using polymer plates, in an edition of 50. Each cover was screenprinted. The piece is 4 inches x 5 inches.”


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